LINC Media established its recruiting operations in 1997, and spun off a separately licenced company (still an affiliate) called LINC Japan (License number: 13-ユ-302023) in 2006. This affiliate does boutique CEO and senior management searches.

LINC Media is now also separately and independently licenced (License number: 13-ユ-303704), due to its own internal needs for engineering and back office staff. We recruit in some volume to keep our Outsourcing operations working effectively, and will also assist Clients in finding their own technical and administration staff as required. Our terms and rates for recruiting are industry standard, and are available on request.

Within LINC Media, our specialties are:

  • IT
    • Infrastructure engineers; junior support staff through to senior architects. Bilingual and English-only Network, Server, Data Center, Project Management, PC and user support
    • Software engineers; coders and sysadmins through to architects. Bilingual and English-only DBAs, DB development, Internal Network Applications development, Web development
    • Procurement and IT Admin staff
  • Media
    • Paper and online sectors. Bilingual Sales and Marketing professionals. Bilingual Writers, Designers, and other production staff. Bilingual Researchers and analysts

In conjunction with LINC Japan, we can also supply:

  • Leaders
    • Experienced bilingual senior managers for large corporations (500+ staff). Strong organizational and team building skills
    • Bilingual country managers for start-ups (1-50 staff). Strong sales/marketing background
    • Sales and Marketing professionals
    • CFO and Operations professionals

Our defining values are:

  • Ethical recruiting — we either know the candidates or they know us, or we approach through legitimate job search engines. We do not raid companies or use "telephone tricks" to find candidates.
  • Client service — we have a proven track record of client relationships, Client "no-touch" clauses are acceptable.
  • Candidates with growth potential — since our interaction with companies is long term, the people we place with our Clients are typically people we are going to be working with in the future. Therefore, for obvious reasons we are careful to rate their interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as their core competencies.
  • Fewer, high-grade candidates — we are not a high volume shop, and try to match appropriate candidates to open positions. As a result, many of our junior candidates go on to become senior managers in the organizations we place them with.
  • After-sales support — we offer complete Client satisfaction, including temp-to-perm, replacement candidates where an initial hire broke down, and counseling to borderline candidates who need to get back on track.
  • Flexibility — we offer volume discounts, hybrid placement solutions, and modified service arrangements.
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