The founder of LINC Media, Mr. Terrie Lloyd, was a pioneer in the outsourcing industry in Japan, having established the first open platform systems and networks outsourcing company in Tokyo back in 1990. He went on to grow the company to an US$18MM business before selling the company in 1995 to EDS Corporation of Texas, USA. Observing a strict 3-year non-compete, Lloyd eventually re-entered the outsourcing business in 1999 with his current company, LINC Media. The first client in this new iteration was a leading U.S. investment bank and the contract involved the supply of 19 desktop, helpdesk, and server engineers. LINC Media pulled together the operations team and a management structure in just 6 weeks and went on to become the major vendor for this bank. The customer was very satisfied and contract eventually expanded to approximately 30 staff.

Since then, our outsourcing business has grown significantly and we now service 6 major multinationals and a number of smaller firms with hardware and software engineers, procurement staff, project managers, back office administration staff, and in some cases with interim CEOs. The company is fully licenced to provide Outsource services and has a dedicated team recruiting staff to feed into this operation. Our licence number is: 特-13-04-1292.

LINC Media is active in four areas of outsourcing:

  • Back office and administration staff (accountants, HR staff, company secretary and company compliance)
  • Engineering (network, hardware products, web, software)
  • Interim managers (project managers, interim CEOs and COOs)
  • Nominee CEOs/Managing Directors and non-executive directors to the Board

Our client base includes:

  • Large UK investment bank — our outsourced engineers run their two data centers on a 24x7 basis
  • Leading U.S. bank and several of its Japanese subsidiaries — our engineering and procurement staff help run approximately 1/3 of the bank's infrastructure at server and desktop level. We work both directly with the bank and also through an intermediary company holding a master contract for a certain segment of the bank's support services.
  • Major brand U.S. technology company — we provide server engineers on an outsourced basis
  • Well-known U.S. software company — we provide accounting and administration staff, onsite at the Client's office
  • Leading U.S. dental products company — we provided until recently an interim CEO
  • Fast-growing U.S. plastics engineering firm — we provided until recently an interim CEO
  • Many others
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