IT & Software

Software Development

As an IT and digital content/marketing company, one of our core competencies is in software development. Our engineering team works both on internal products and services that the company plans to use for strategic leverage in one of its other businesses, as well as systems and services for our affiliate companies, investees, and Client projects. We do on occasion also provide software development on an ad hoc basis.

Our preference is web-based open source systems development, using some of the following technologies:

  • PHP5, Zend Framework, Drupal, Java, JavaScript, AJAX
  • C, C++, Python, Ruby, BASH
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3
  • Linux, Xen, Apache, BIND, Postfix

Projects that represent our skill set include:

  • Internationalized web application development
  • Database design and web interface development
  • Work flow management tools
  • Data mining
  • Data migration
  • UNIX service/script development
  • Modern corporate website development (XHTML+CSS, AJAX)
  • Electronic commerce solutions
  • Online communities in multiple languages, including SNS, BBS, ranking functionality

Systems Integration

Through the BiOS Division, LINC Media is active in supporting the IT operations of foreign companies in Japan, ranging from some of the world's largest banks through to small start-ups. We primarily service Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa, but through our centralized Service Desk and nationally distributed partners, can also provide support nationwide, 24x7.

Our primary differentiators to other vendors in the market are our overall bilingual capabilities (Japanese and English), and our familiarity with global best practice.

Bilingual Team

Maintaining a bilingual workforce in Japan is a major challenge, both because of the paucity of suitably qualified people (Japan's English-learning sector is underdeveloped) and because demand is increasing as Japanese firms go international themselves. LINC Media devotes significant resources marketing to and interviewing potential bilingual employees, and is continuously hiring those that make the grade. This method of recruiting employees is not as efficient as "just-in-time" approaches, but it does ensure that we have the required resources when a project comes in.

Best Practice

Awareness of global best practice means that we can quickly assess a local situation then get into conference with the project leaders back at Headquarters and start to align and integrate the HQ wish list with on-the-ground realities. Thanks to previous experience, we are aware of the limitations, work-arounds, and solutions development needed to ensure that the Japan operation dovetails at both a technology and performance level with the Client's overall international operation.

Our scope of services include:

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Systems Planning
  • Office Setups/Relocations/Expansions
  • Custom Tailored Projects
  • Hardware/Software Procurement
  • IT Support
  • Bilingual Coordination of Third Party Systems Integration
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Bilingual Service Desk
  • Post-Implementation Training
  • Custom Software Development (via partner companies)
  • Datacenter Managed Services
  • And more...
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