Management Consulting

LINC Media's senior management team have several decades of experience working between overseas markets and Japan. We have witnessed a broad range of issues and problems, and have assisted many companies with resolving those issues. We have also been involved in more than 30 start-ups over the last 13 years and understand the basic resources, strategic decisions, and milestones necessary to create a successful business in Japan.

Our CEO, Terrie Lloyd, has personally established 17 companies in Japan and has achieved successful earn-outs on 6 companies and divisions in the last 12 years. Indeed, his business model is one of build-and-sell — and other than the LINC Media parent, which continues on as the master incubator, all of LINC Media's businesses are eventually destined to be spun off, with independent management and businesses. This depth of cross-border start-up experience cannot really be found anywhere else in Japan. Partly because this is a nation of risk-averse business people and partly because the culture produces entrepreneurs who focus on just one company and want to run it until they die.

Since the incubator model is one of regeneration and continuous growth, Lloyd has a policy of bringing his senior managers in as shareholders on each new business. This process has occurred in four of his six earn-outs and ensures that our managers are not only hired guns working to execute a business plan, but they are also the heart and soul of that business as well. This means better quality and a more holistic interpretation of events and issues, and therefore better long-term results. This is an important point.

When you're working with LINC Media's team, you're working with fellow entrepreneurs, not just emotionally disconnected employees.

We consult on the following topics:

  • Introduction of foreign Client management team to the Japanese way of thinking about business and their value systems
  • Structuring a market entry
  • Choice of company vehicle and process
  • Structuring a business from the marketing and market position viewpoint
  • Fund-raising methods
  • Early-stage decision-making and likely impact and outcomes
  • Setting business development milestones and making budget/planning projections
  • Preparing for and executing exit strategies
  • Staff conflicts and conflict resolution
  • Restructuring issues
  • Approaches to resolving legal issues, including actively meeting other parties and negotiating with them
  • M&A deal origination
  • Target company (M&A or partnership) analysis — and actively working the gatekeepers and champions
  • Deep dive market research on competitors or prospective partners
  • On-the-street evaluations of prospective partners/employees
  • Sales improvement programs
  • Marketing effectiveness assessments
  • Technology and security assessments
  • Turn-around programs
  • MBO strategies and introductions to funding parties/facilitators
  • Professional and market development introductions in other North Asia countries
  • Market penetration facilitation for Japanese companies launching overseas
  • General public speaking on doing business in Japan
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