New Partners

LINC Media is open to approaches by companies seeking to partner with us. What we bring to the table is access to the Japanese market for foreign firms, and access to foreign customers, investment, and technology for Japanese firms. We look for partners who have strategic service and product offerings that do not substantially overlap with our own offerings and which fill a clear market need.

Companies seeking a partnership can apply directly to the President's Office in LINC Media. We are specifically interested in companies which:

  • Possess technology that has been patented or is demonstrably in a leadership position and will remain to be so over the following 36 months
  • Possess services that are non-overlapping with LINC Media's service set, or offer similar services in non-overlapping territories
  • Are leaders in their local market(s)
  • Have access to unique and rich customer bases
  • Are willing to fund their own investment of time and resources into the partnership
  • Are willing to co-brand or co-sell with LINC Media
  • Connect to our vision of opening up Japan
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