Existing Partners

Currently our Partner lineup and the services they provide are as follows:


Itoki Corporation is a major producer and seller of office furniture in Japan, established in 1950 and recording sales of more than JPY118bn in FY2007. Thanks to its size and diversity, the company has unparalleled access to tens of thousands of business customers, spanning most business sectors. Itoki salespeople are renowned for their continuous and indepth customer interaction, and therefore they are unusually aware of market trends and moves. Itoki and LINC Media have had a close working relationship for more than five years and work synergetically to being in foreign firms and get them connected to partners and distributors.

Website: http://www.itoki.jp/english/index.html

Hitachi Joho

Hitachi Joho is both a primary member of the Hitachi corporate group and also a first tier systems integration and IT company in Japan. The company was established in 1959, had 6,990 employees, and sales of JPY185.8bn as of FY2007. LINC Media and Hitachi Joho have been collaborating for more than four years, and LINC Media has been able to introduce a number of foreign companies and technologies to Hitachi Joho for direct consideration and also for joint promotion to third party resellers and agents.

Website: http://www.hitachijoho.com/eng/company/
Email: www-staff@hitachijoho.com

Routes Business Supports K.K.

This company, established in 2002, provides Certified Tax Accountant services to the LINC Media mix. The principal, Mr. Takatoshi Takahashi, has worked with LINC Media for the duration of his operation, and is bilingual. His company also provides auditing, year-end accounting, statutory auditor, and other services related to tax and accounting compliance.

Website: http://www.glocalboon.com (Japanese only)
Email: info@glocalboon.com

Kitahama and Partners

This company, established in 1973, is the largest law firm in Osaka and has offices around Japan, including Tokyo. The company provides legal and paralegal services to LINC Media and its Clients. Our relationship is with the firm's only foreign lawyer, Mr. Jiri Mestecky, who has worked with LINC Media on a variety of projects for more than five years. Mr. Mestecky and a number of his cohort are bilingual.

Website: http://www.kitahama.or.jp/english/index.html
Email: info@kitahama.or.jp

The Cleveland Group

The Cleveland Group is a full-service global consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Named as the State of Ohio's fastest-growing company in 2008, The Cleveland Group's cross-border capabilities are second to none. The Cleveland Group serves as a bridge between North America and the world for its clients, offering a wide array of business development services including foreign direct investment opportunities, M & A, tech transfer, channel identification and entry, and global marketing strategy. The Cleveland Group utilizes its multicultural skills, multilingual capabilities, and key government relationships to ensure its clients' ventures are successful.

Website: http://theclevelandgroup.com


Tsukaeru.net is a unique, bilingual web hosting solutions company with their own facilities in the mountains of Nagano. The company specializes in providing a flexible range of features and prices that are comparable to best-practice hosting companies outside Japan. Because of this flexibility, Tsukaeru.net lets LINC Media provide its customers with hosting plans that match the customer's needs -- being low-cost, professional-grade, or somewhere in between.

Website: http://tsukaeru.net/?pid=73 (partner link)
Email: sales@tsukaeru.net

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