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KOEI COMPANY, Inc. is LINC Media's 100% U.S. subsidiary based in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. Established in November 2012, KOEI is focused on launching and operating new original businesses in the lifestyle area. The company is also dedicated to serve as a unique platform to promote, drive and enhance Japanese entrepreneurs to leapfrog the domestic market and launch/operate business in the U.S., and has recently launched the Wild Card program, a startup mentorship and incubator which was co-founded by Tokyo-based ARYS COMPANY, Inc. The company also conducts management consulting and financial advisory services for Japanese companies planning to tap the U.S. market and vice versa.

Website: Coming soon
Email: nobu.kumagai@koei-comany.com

Precept Health (New Zealand)

Precept Health

Precept Health is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) monitoring and telemetry software/hardware solution that is used by hospitals looking to reduce the cost of single-brand purchasing. Precept Health aims to provide brand-independent connectivity to hospital ICU departments globally. The company's first major win in Asia has been with the Temerloh hospital in Malaysia. LINC Media has common senior shareholders and is a business partner in Japan.

Website: www.precepthealth.com

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