LINC Media is all about interfacing global business to the Japanese business environment, and for our Japanese customers, the reverse flow as well. While we have many differentiators to our competitors, first and foremost we are highly bilingual and bi-cultural, and thus able to interpret and translate your needs into deliverable services in Japan.

Yes, many other businesses have some degree of cross-border capability, however, we have an established reputation for not only communicating the spoken word but also the the context and reasoning behind the communications and decision-making. This means that you will be forearmed about opportunities and consequences as you move forward and in Japan.

We can do this because we have extensive business experience in multiple industries, and with hundreds of Clients. This experience ensures that we have a holistic view to doing business — ensuring that we focus on the result, not just the process.


Japan has a reputation for being extremely bureaucratic, and it is true that it is a highly structured society. However, LINC Media has been successfully delivering results for international Clients since 1996, and we have learned that the way to cope with challenges is to stay flexible. This means that we use our full-scope Services Platform to plan ahead knowledgeably and to quickly address problems as they occur.

We offer our broad range of skills through both our internal teams as well as through our sister companies and partners. Our Services Platform is component based and which allows us to offer Clients either turn-key solutions to getting a company up and running, or simply a thin slice of services provided on an ad hoc basis.

A services platform approach saves our Clients save time and money by letting them choose and manage just one trusted partner rather than a large group of them. We believe that in LINC Media they are getting not just project pricing and related commitments, but also a consistent level of best practice competence.

Of course, some companies don't require a turn-key service offering. Perhaps they are already in Japan but have a specific problem, or perhaps they want to test the waters initially. For these Clients, the good news is that our services platform is modular, and each service delivery team has its own set of customers and business operations outside the group-wide project work. Therefore, Clients can start off with small projects, using as many or as few component services as they need, then as they grow their business and learn to trust us, they can move to a broader partnership.

Forward Looking

The LINC Media service platform is attractive to all sizes of companies:

  • Enterprise. We maintain the internal IT systems of two of the world's largest banks.
  • Mid-size. We provide outsourced back office services to many mid-size companies that are trying to ramp up quickly or control costs.
  • Micro. We provide full market-entry and support services to a number of one-person start-ups representing larger companies in the home country but which are being grown organically in Japan.

We are proud to say that we look after big and small companies with equal dedication. Small in Japan doesn't mean small globally, nor does it mean small for ever, so we try to consider the future potential of our clients in our prioritization of resources and assets.

Client Profiles

Our client segmentations and therefore how our services are configured and used split out into four main categories:

  • Foreign companies starting up in Japan and needing general help to establish and integrate an operation that will work within their global operations
  • Foreign companies already in Japan but with problems to resolve or projects to execute
  • Technology start-ups looking for management, marketing, support, and possibly investment
  • Japanese companies launching internationally and requiring access to our international business network


Not only does the Service Platform allow us to look after regular fee-paying Clients, but we also use the same service platform for our own ventures and affiliate businesses. This way, each new venture gets professional-level support to let the business focus on sales and marketing, thus speeding it to an earlier status of profit generator. LINC Media on occasion not only makes its platform available to venture businesses but also invests in emerging companies. Our investment preference is patented technology in IT, Media, or Biotech, since these are business sectors that our affiliates are already active in and where we have the best selection of customers and collaborators. We typically invest at the Angel level, combining cash and sweat equity.

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